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Frequently asked

Please refer to the questions below for more information about our helicopter tours.


Question 1

Is 15-minutes enough for a helicopter tour?

Answer 1

You can actually see a lot of places within 15-minutes! But if there's something specifically you want to see, then the 30 or 60-minute options would be a better choice.

Question 2

Are helicopters scary?

Answer 2

Helicopters are nicknamed "magic carpet" for a reason! They are very smooth, even smoother than small planes. Our professional pilots ensure all tour guests feel totally comfortable throughout the entire flight.

Question 3

How fast do your helicopters go?

Answer 3

About 120 knots (220 km/h)

Question 4

Can you see wildlife from a helicopter?

Answer 4

There's lots of wildlife in our area! Deer, moose, bears and other large mammals can be seen from the air.

Question 5

Are helicopters loud?

Answer 5

Each guest is supplied headset they wear before the engine starts. It's very quiet inside with the headset on!

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