Our aircraft are equipped with


  • ​On-board satellite tracking systems

  • On-board satellite phones

  • Medivac stretcher kits

  • Water buckets

  • Long-lines and nets

  • Logging grapples

  • Service trailers

  • Fuel truck (for bulk fuel prices)

  • Portable fly tank - re-fuel system

We specialize in


  • ​Drill moves

  • Logging

  • Concrete pours

  • Pole setting

  • Fire-fighting

  • Precision long-line operations

  • Aerial fertilizing and seeding

  • Aerial construction

  • Power line/Pipeline Patrols

We are also pleased to offer a wide range of leading edge unmanned (UAV) services with our partnered company Sarvus Unmanned Systems.

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See also our family company 'Sarver Wood Fibre'. They specializes in large, logistically challenging and labor intensive projects,

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